Hi. I'm Robin,¹ an incoming Clarendon Scholar in philosophy at the University of Oxford. For the last four years, I studied philosophy, political science (BA), mathematics (BS), and computer science (MS) at Stanford University and did research at Brown, Northwestern, and Stanford.² After Oxford, I begin a PhD in philosophy at the University of California, Berkeley.
I'm interested in epistemology, logic, and language.
 ¹ they/them
 ² see my curriculum vitae for more
My primary research interest is epistemology.³ I am interested in a number of questions in social epistemology, metaepistemology, and those intersecting with the philosophy of language. These include questions surrounding the nature of group zetetic norms, hermeneutical dilution and monumentalization, and the subjects of inquisitive reasons.
In addition, my background in math and computer science has made me sensitive to the potential connections between traditional and formal approaches to epistemology. I am particularly interested in the recasting of philosophical problems in the language of epistemic logic.
 ³ the philosophical study of knowledge, evidence, and justified belief
I have secondary interests in a diverse range of fields, including combinatorics, graph theory, feminist & political philosophy, classical & quantum complexity theory, social choice theory, and metaphysics. I've researched these topics at Stanford, Brown,⁴ and Northwestern, resulting in publications in Discrete Mathematics and Involve.⁵
I am from Seattle. In my own time, I enjoy film photography, trans cinema, post-punk music, Asian-American literature, science fiction, and a dozen other hobbies. I can be contacted at truax [at] berkeley [dot] edu or truax [at] stanford [dot] edu.
 ⁴ The Institute for Computational and Experimental Research in Mathematics
 ⁵ see my curriculum vitae for more